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December 26, 2011


What Is Snot?

(Thanks to Vernon Bowen)


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How did I live so long without knowing this?

Oh, and BTW...booger, booger, booger.

In honor of Christmas, my sinus infection is producing a lovely combination of green snot and red blood. It's like a party in a tissue! Merry Christmas to me!

Whatever` you do, don't ask (or tell) Madison Avenue this. We'll never hear the end of it if you do....

Darn it, somebody blabbed. THey got mucus in several 'mercials, from cartoon snot to a guy in a tee.

"Oh, woe is wee..." (LOL)

I saw Surplus of Snot open for the Beach Boys.

Also, with this miserable cold I'm seeing it every morning.

Boogers are when these chains become ever more tangled, finally resulting in a rubbery ball of partially dried-out snot. Neat!
Yep. Sounds like the Blog.

Iso, isnot.

Well, I'm certainly printing this out to place on my refrigerator door.

Is that spit.

No, it's not.

"Boo. Grrr" is the sound of a passive aggressive ghost.

I told my granddaughter about this who has a sinus condition. She said she knew it but she still hated all that snot.

'Snot a very appropriate subject.

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