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December 30, 2011


GALESBURG -- Two people who pulled up at a McDonald's drive-thru in western Illinois completely naked face public indecency charges.

(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias)


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Um, would you like to super-size that?

His Chicken McNuggets were showing.

Be really careful with your hot coffee

Looking to the side leaves me with one question: is his name 'Marshmallow Vodka' or was that what he was drinking?

Dude's just askin' to get some special sauce put on his Big Mac, IYKWIM.

What do you mean Diva ?

Whatever happened to:

No shirt, No shoes, No service


Snork @ Loudmouth.

Sounds like one Happy Meal wasn't enough

Why didn't they just tell the cops what we did they were pledging a fraternity?

When asked why they were nude, they should have looked at each other in astonishment and each started describing the clothing of the other in great detail.
They should stick to that story. It might not fool the cops but it opens the door to a new plea.

I just went to McDonald's naked and the only thing I got was a nasty remark about how I should buy an iron.

I'm willing to bet the passenger said "Burn Meth" not "Turn Left" while they were driving.

Hey wait a darn minutes here! I go get my mail nekked and no one says anything.

Of course I notice that they shoo the kids inside. for what reason, I don't know.

Just Shred the Constipation...

"WGIL reports that the pair told officers the late night fast-food run might not have been a great idea but that they both still thought it was funny."

They'll show up nude in court, and tell the judge the same story....

Reefer does that, two brain cells at a time...

Dressing on the side?

"... might not have been a great idea but that they both still thought it was funny."

Voters interviewed, leaving the Iowa caucuses, explaining their vote for Newt Gingrich.

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