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December 06, 2011


A live Navy training mine that washed ashore is shown at Miami Beach, Fla., Monday, Dec. 5, 2011. A perimeter was established once Fire Rescue arrived at the scene Monday morning.


(Thanks to James in NC)


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After establishing a perimeter, did they shoot it in the thigh?


Back at CTU, they still are in shock, and can't believe the show ended.

So they might be a little slow in responding,....

NO - if they cordon off the area like that we'll never clear the beach of tourists!

Yessirrr LayzeeBoy. GULP...GULP (Gin and tonic...in my mind)

Jack would probably drink wood alcohol and eat fugu finger food.

It doesn't look like much, but that yellow tape is kryptonite to tourists.

"Not as explosive as a 'regular' mine?"

Oh, well OK then, what's the big deal?

Hmmm. So they're not evacuating the city?

What if the frogmen sneak this into the White House through the secret underwater tunnel? Sounds pretty good to me.

That's not a land mine...that's Edgar!

Here again, Fire Rescue deserves their own snow cone machine.

*sniff* I miss Marwan!!

Dave, I love you, Man. I completely needed that. If you need me, I'll be in the back uploading schematics.

I love the fact that all it took was one little word to bring back together a community of people who love watching other people get shot in the thigh while driving through the rural barn country in central L.A. *tear* Brings back faith in humankind, it does.

I miss Marwan.

*Waves at Steve(T24G) and my Monday night crew!!!*

I resent that, Steve (T24G).

*misses The Amazing Steve*

Me, too. Steve, I think you need to do a fresh 24 story for us like a few years ago. Just for old time's sake. *begs*

If we took up a collection, how many free internets would it take to convince The Amazing Steve to create a new 24 story?


Going to Miami for the holidays.
It's gonna be a BLAST!

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