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December 25, 2011


Santa Cruz woman thwarts mugger, hands him bag of dog poop

...The man demanded the woman she give him everything she had, and he said that if she didn't, he would kick her dog.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, Matt Filar and notsoshyjan)


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I hope he reached in the bag to grab the "goodies" she gave him.

Christmas cookies!

If only it were on video, Jeff...

I hope the mugger comes to New Zealand. I have LOTS of bags filled with the Moosedawg's stuff.

Would that be a turd degree felony?

He wanted everything, and she gave it to him.

Being greedy/jealous is very unwise.

Genuine filthy lucre.

There's a nice present dog poop but fitting

Oh Mickie....that was truly awful....lol.

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