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December 13, 2011


Admiral Theatre Offers Lap Dances For Holiday Toy Donations

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown, Jeff Meyerson and Mark Schlesinger) 

Update: Man Trapped on Rooftop Turns Out to Be Santa Decoration

(Thanks to Ralph)


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"Ooooh babyyyyyy, make me giiiiive!!"

For those of us who are not Chicago natives, was/is the Admiral the same "theater" that also is famous for it's drag shows? I attended one such "event" at the urging of a friend...I am not certain if it was the Admiral, but it was crowded, funny, & strange and well, once was enough for me.

NTTAWWT, but if the lap dances are by the drag ensemblists, it will be a "gay" event.

After looking at their website...

The Admiral was NOT the "place" I visited, unless it had different owners and entertainers a decade ago.
So make your travel plans now...

In case you are wondering, Gentry was the bar I visited. I confirmed it. They do put on quite a show, and not as X rated as what I would assume the Admiral's is. Just trying to be fair, accurate, etc.

funny man, we need to know about your dating life that led you to the Admiral. Please go on.

Wonder what you can get for an Erector Set

I know way TMI. Sorry.

"But honey, it was for the kids!"

“a stripper-fied rendition of ‘The Nutcracker.’”
Culture was never so good.

"only closed on Christmas eve"
Must be good church people. Open of Christmas Day for the Jewish customers.

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