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December 26, 2011


Woman said she called 911 because she ‘ate too much food’

(Thanks to funny man)


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Big hint: Plop Plop fizz fizz.

Works for me, and safer and cheaper than the Rx kind.

Wow. And by "ate too much food" she really meant "smoked too much crack."

Also, amazingly, alcohol seems to have been involved.

An example of the fine investigative work that went into this piece: An inventory of the food Lisee apparently ate wasn’t listed, nor was the volume of her stomach known.

But the reporter asked, that's what counts.

CSI in FL = Crack Smoking or Coke Snorting Idiot

If eating too much food was a crime, I'd have 911 on my speed dial and a standing reservation at the local jail.

I also haven't consumed cocaine in over a year. In case you want to know.

Ate too much food and repeatedly hit herself over the head!

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