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December 22, 2011


Many centuries ago, before there was satellite radio, I wrote a column about endlessly punching the buttons on a radio, looking for something decent to listen to. Recently a fellow named Joe Carignan sent me a link to a YouTube video of his brother, Stephen Carignan, performing the column at a comedy club. I'm honored, and Stephen's a brave guy.


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I lasted 15 seconds. Barney's nipples are way funnier.

I thought it was great! I have also decided to vote for Bill Doberman. I just hate it when I find a station that is playing the last few seconds of a good song and then they go to endless commercials because they have just play 300 uninterrupted minutes of classic rock including every song that I know all the words to.

I don't think I've read Dave's article...could someone post a link, please?

Let's just say he's no Dave and leave it at that.

Here you go Sam.

At least, unlike most of the radio stations here, they aren't playing Spanish polka music on what sounds like a nose-flute.

Thanks for posting this, really means a lot.

I still prefer George Carlin's Wonderful Wino, which goes all the way back to 1966, when the Blog was still in college.

I thought he did a great job performing it. I remember reading that column for the first time years ago in "Dave Barry Talks Back" and think it's pretty cool that someone would even think to perform it at all.

that was good. :)
sam, sorry i can't post a link (and neither can cindy) because hey, you know, it's copyrighted and it's not supposed to be posted anywhere. but it is in the book mentioned above.

"Radio Daze" was the first thing of Dave's I ever read, and it made me an instant fan. Many years agao. Still one of the funniest pieces ever.

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