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December 28, 2011


And my last name is spelled with  an "a."

(Thanks to Richard the Redneck)


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Wow Dave, to bad you changed that spelling!

She doesn't look TOO broken up, Dave...

Google thinks it must be you.

Dave, there's something different about you in the picture. Must be the white shirt.

Try telling that to Mrs. Blog.

For the record, I wouldn't call her "Sugarbabe" either.

Sorry to hear it, Dave.
You mind if I give her a call?

You've never heard of her? Dave, must you continue to be so cruel! Her little heart is broken and it will probably take her 5-6 minutes to get over it. Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to Scotland to *SMACK* the person who called her 'chunky' in his comment.


Whoopi Goldberg is 'chunky'; Sugarbabe is not chunky.

NTTAWWT, either way of course.

That article is right. You can see her pain.

By the way, wikipedia says "Sugababe" is not her name, but the name of the band she sings with. She also has her own Barbie. You learn something new every day.

Whatever that website was, it ranks way up there on the sleaze meter. Ick!

CHUNKY???? Good lord.

Unless they mean the soup.

Nice TV look, IYKWIM.

Congrats to the other Dave Berry, who "dodged a b-----".


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