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December 06, 2011


A recent study suggests women who dress provocatively are likely to be criticised by their peers amid fears they pose a threat to those in otherwise monogamous relationships.

Key Research Tool: The "bitchy" scale.

Additional Shocking Finding: "...participants were also less likely to introduce the attractive female to their boyfriends or allow them to spend time with her when she appeared sexy, compared to when she wore conservative clothing."

(Thanks to Bill Moore)


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Well, knock me over with a feather. That's some well-spent grant money, right there!

Who would have guessed?

We should need to follow up and find out if the ocean is wet.

I'm on it, Elon. How much do you think we should ask for? $10 million? $15?

$15 million for sure. The ocean is pretty big. One can't be too thorough.

My office is about 75% female. One coworker consistently dresses as if she is going to a nightclub- tight, short dress and boots and cleavage showing.
Although she is very good at her job she is widely disliked by the other women.
I happen to like her ALOT.

Are there any studies on how men react when a good looking, muscular, male hunk is around? btw, if anyone sees a good looking, muscular, male hunk let me know asap.

Ladies, there is nothing wrong with 'giving your milk away for free'. It is, after all the season of giving.

"If a female dresses in a way that suggests she's open to having sex, or attracts sexual attention to herself, she's violating the standards of the group.

"Females put these violators in place by aggressing against them
I'd pay good money to see aggressing females.

Cindy, I don't know about your hunk question, but I have noticed the "Bad Boy" phenomenon. I won't explain because I'd think everyone here knows what I mean.
And I do recognize that this study basically was measuring the same reaction of men to the "Bad Girl".

Cindy, men freak out, lest other men think they are gay.

Unless of course they are gay men, in which case, I would guess they stop and stare, but that is just speculation.

I think it was Bill Engvall who said that the woman who marries a 'bad boy' today will be the same woman who is on Cops in 10 years yelling, "Take his @ss to jail!"

Reminds me of a Ron White quote: "Once you've seen one set of boobs, you pretty much want to see them all." Seems relevant.

Cindy, I love Bill Engvall. I'd take him in a heartbeat if he weren't already married. And if I, you know, actually knew the man. But that's just a detail.

Details, details, Diva. Go for it.

I love the Daisy Mae picture labeled "Predator" by the way.


I am shocked ot read this!

If you give me some moola I will do a study to see if guys scratch their privates in the mall.

This article definitely needs more pictures!

For comparison of course. To get the full context etc...

i love bill engvall too, he's a riot. and a double duh for this article. and, in an office, not all the slutty women get any ax-chonne. they just sit at their desks looking slutty. the men drool. but, they seem to be members of NATO....no action, talk only.

I work with many male teachers and they come to me all of the time asking me if I could tell a female student that she is dressed like a slut needs to cover up.

They are afraid that if they say something they will get in trouble. I have no problem telling the slutty dressers young ladies that if they dress like a ho, they gotta go.

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