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December 06, 2011


Dr. Phil helped with own vasectomy

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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Would have made a great Okra episode. Dr. Phil and his bad chairside manners put to practicl use 7pm OWN.

I always thought he sounded a bit snippy.

That is odd isn't it? Funny though

Guess he "got real".



If he's anything in person like his TV persona, the
doctor wanted to get rid of him before he (the doctor)snapped.

You can only take Dr.Phil's trademark sayings so long.

Imagine someone asking you
"How that working for ya?"
"Are you yanking my chain?"
"get real"
"Hold my beer and pull my finger..."

(Okay I made up the last one. But you get the idea.)

"They say, “Take your shirt off,” and they start plugging me into IVs," McGraw wrote in Newsweek.

I'm a little confused. Usually they ask for you to remove clothing on the other end for a surgery like this.

And there he was with his sewing kit. A stitch in time saves ____________.

Given his level of competence, I'm surprised he still has his 'staff'.

"It’s painful when they kind of pull on it."

1. Way TMI, dude.
2. Judging from the recap, sounds like Dr. Phil and his buddy were having this discussion in a bar so yes, it is amazing they (wait for it) pulled it off.
3. there is no #3

I can picture him helping with his own colonoscopy.

Now that's an image I did not need.

I watched hihs shoe for Oh, about 5 minutes before I was convinced that he had a prefrontal lobotomy.

The saying about the man who acts as his own lawyer also applies here.

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