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December 26, 2011


"First of all it's 27 degrees out and I'm thinking who's possibly going to be wearing a g-string?"


(Thanks to funny man)


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Memo to self: Don't ever consider moving to Santa Fe.

He likes to post pictures of his face painted like a skull. And he wears a g-string.

Bet he's single.

Oh, Santa Fe is a bit wacky, but never boring.

Excellent journalism! No pictures of the guy in the g-string.

Good point, cindy. I do NOT want to see that.

"Sabien Byrd"?

Nearby Bids
Bad By Resin
Baby Rinsed
Snared By Bi
Bays Inbred
Sandy Bribe
A Bibs Nerdy
Randy Be Bis

Bris by Dane?

The wuss! Had to wear a steenkin' g-string 'cause it was so cold!

"... in front of this, uh, what it appeared to be a woman."

The witness is liable to find himself sued by the victim for that...

He was arrested before he could get to an AA meeting.

The story says he was an artists? (sic)

Does this mean he was beside himself?

The Thong Song.

Now Needed: Lots of bleach! I was going to link to the lyrics, but I actually like you people!

What did the elephant say to the naked guy? "Fine, but can it pick up a peanut?"

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