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December 27, 2011


Inflatable penguin stolen from yard

(Thanks to Ralph, who, quoting a very old joke, says "maybe it just blew a seal.")


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Maybe it took off with the goat in the next thread?

*Snork* at Ralph! Love that joke!

It was eaten by the polar bear. Polar bears LOVE penguins but it's usually unrequited because they are poles apart.

Who in the world would want an inflatable penguin and why would anyone buy one in the first place?

Uhm, check with a scavenger party in Oswego. I have no direct knowledge and an alibi.

"On Christmas … that's the part that bothers us the most, that it's Christmas," Mattern said
Hopefully that's the only time of year you put it out in the yard. They'll get my inflatable Snoopy and Woodstock when they pry them out of my cold, mittened fingers.

It was eaten by an inflatable Santa.

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