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December 29, 2011


ST. PETERSBURG, Russia, Dec. 29 (UPI) -- Pounds upon pounds of red and black caviar were stowed next to bodies at a St. Petersburg, Russia, morgue, police said.

(Thanks to Karen in Panama City)


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Never had any desire to try caviar. This didn't change my mind.

Caviar, biological waste; tomato, tomahto....

If they were in sealed containers, then the morgue was just being used as a fridge. Weird and strange but not gross. I'd be more worried why they were called "Aviation Security" and "Biological Waste".

These eggs taste fishy.

I'd like more fish eggs and some more of grandpa, comrade.

I inspected caviar production but never gained an appreciation of it. Also, I thought it terrible that the fish has to die to get the eggs in most methods of production.
Nobody I've ever met was born liking caviar. Why work to develop a taste for salted fish eggs?
I can pretend to sophistication in some other area.

"...police said they were investigating the origins of the caviar to determine whether it came from endangered species and whether its storage violated sanitary laws."

Check with the Sturgeon General.

Steve, opera is an acquired taste, but I think I'd rather learn to like caviar.

to me caviar tastes like fishy sand.

I never eat caviar. Those little eggs are almost impossible to crack open.

Haven't eaten it either, but it doesn't look edible

Well, a morgue is just a big ol' refrigerator. Not sure I see a problem as long as everything was in a clear, resealable plastic bag.

Pogo, I kind of agree with the notable exception of Luciano Pavarotti. Listen to "Panis Angelicus".
Also, I like your name. I grew up with Pogo and the denizens of the swamp. It was truly the sump of all wisdom.

I am shamelessly promoting Gene Weingarten's attempt to win an AK-47. Please click here to help him out.

What's eating, Gilbert? Grape?

In their spare time, the morgue workers could use the red caviar and the black caviar to play checkers.

Excellent wordplay on the title, Dave. Even William Sapphire would get a kick out of that. :)

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