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December 06, 2011


Throwing beer is a bad idea - and a felony

(Thanks to cyberick)


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I guess, you can't waste beer by throwing it. Ridiculous.

What are the odds the dimwits were recording themselves doing this?


p.s. I didn't know you could still get PBR in bottles.

At least they didn't waste really good beer.

I never had a beer I wanted to throw away.
Maybe Black Label.

Spiny...yes, PBR has made a comeback (at least in New York) as the hipsters' beer of choice.

As with Bud Light, it's a waste of good water.

I guess they said, "Hold my beer and...um, wait, what did I do?"

Steve, you must have never tried Ballentine beer. We got a whole pallet of it while in Viet-nam and the club sgt. said we had to drink it all before he got another kind. so we would buy two and pour out one every time. I have since then heard there are actually people who like Ballentine beer?

OFG, never had Ballentine. But I did buy a six-pack of Black Label. Drank one, then figured that was punishment enough.
Funny, I tried to give the rest away in my "dry" county and couldn't find any takers.

Steve, when I first got overseas all they had at the base club was Black Label. It must have come over by slow ship since all the cans were rusty? maybe that helped the flavor? ha

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