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December 26, 2011


Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris in a custody battle over puppy

(Thanks to akubbs)


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If the dog is smart, it won't want anything to do with either of them.

She's a "golddigger" and He digs "Bunnies".

Anyone see problems looming?

And yes, I know the wedding was cancelled. How to solve the dispute:

A. Sell the dog with the Playboy mansion and each of you (Hugh and Crystal) find a new dog from Animal Rescue.


B. AS kING SOLOMON did in a famous child custody case, tell them they each get half literally. Offer to cut the dog in half. One will acceed, letting the other have 'custody'. And that one gets the dog, for they loved the dog so much they would give it up rather than see the pet killed.

Strangely, I have always believed that he led a very lonely life.
And now when he can get a boner, that stupid dog keeps trying to bury it.

In the photo, they both look as though they'd bathed in botox. Poor dog -- maybe we could introduce him to one of those pooches who managed to shoot their owners recently. He needs to have his canine revolutionary consciousness raised.

Steve...I agree with you. I think that poor old Hef has been trying to overcompensate for...well.. whatever was bugging him I suppose.

But on the issue of the puppy. I have a puppy but not a Bentley. But I am a fairly affluent guy; from my point of view, if need be, I'll buy the damn Bentley for trade, in the unlikely event that Mrs Kat and I split....but the puppy stays with me!!!!

And that is not negotiable...

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