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December 27, 2011


Hi Dave,

The attached is posted on the refrigerator in the office where I work.  I thought it was pretty funny.

Have a great day,

Ken Morgan



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Why would I BUY my own when there is always some here already for FREE? Sheesh.

And, of course, no one who read this even remotely thinks the comment was about them...

Mr. Grammarperson should have pointed out that the grammar in the message sucks.

In the office fridge where I work, someone who shall be un-named (OK, I can say "Ron" here, right?) likes to bring in cooked chicken for lunch. But he often doesn't bother to eat any of it, and it lives in a baggie until it liquifies.

Liquid chicken, anybody?

Wite-out or white fingerpaint in the creamer bottle will solve this problem.

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