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December 25, 2011


1941 fruitcake in Ohio sells for $525

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Pretty expensive door stop.

I now propose that the term "fruitcake" be retired and the new term "zombiecake" be used.
"Fruitcake" looks nothing like fruit and it resembles no cake I've ever seen.
But no matter who you give one to or how you mistreat it, it always comes back from the dead to haunt your nightmares.

I agree, tash. I'd have gone with a large rock.

Few people know it (well, only one) but 1941 Fruitcake was the original name for one of Dave's favorite bands of the '60s.

Can we assume the fruitcake was no less edible than it was in 1941?


Thankfully this fruitcake didn't fall into the hands of North Korea's latest whack job, Kim Jong 'Big' Un.

>> he doubts anyone would eat a 70-year-old fruitcake<<

Who exactly are we talking about ?

Steve, I second your motion.

Also, I thought we banned slavery back in the 1860s. We are a free people! No more buying and selling of fruitcakes, nutcases, and wackjobs (except in Nevada)!

I am probably one of the few people who will admit to actually liking fruit cake. It is a descendant of the English Plumb/Christmas pudding. I like Claxton.

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