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November 19, 2011


The Cockroach Hall of Fame

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Loved the little Liberace roach.

Plus besides the gift shop, you will get to take home some baby roaches for flea free!!!

And I get picked on because I dress my dogs up in little sweaters.

" Liberoachie "...? Another good reason to skip the toke and watch the " Dumbo " dream sequence.

That's very misleading. I thought that it would be famous cockroaches from history. Like the cockroach who ate Maire Antoinette's cake, or something.

Famous cockroaches from history:

Gregor Samsa
Richard Nixon

Your additions here:

When I was an inspector, I found out that a few of us could detect a cockroach problem by smell alone.
It was like the faintest hint of mold mixed in with a formic acid base like ants give off.
Most people can't seem to detect it at all.
Whether this is a useful or desirable talent is debatable.
I just know I can walk into someone's house and know instantly whether or not I want to sit down.

Steve, you would NEVER sit down in Waco, Texas.

Yeah, Hogs, most of my family lives in Florida. Down there, they have cockroaches with mag wheels.

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