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November 19, 2011


Doctors noting increase in 'sleep texting'

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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"Then he showed me on his phone, I'm like, 'Are you really joking? I sent that to you, like at three in the morning?'," Hammonds said. "He's like, 'Yeah, you did'."

There is no hope for the future.

And stay off my lawn!

Ok, I *might* believe the texting while asleep, but pictures? I don't buy it, and I hope my kids don't try to pedal it.

Mostly the letter "z"?

I agree Jeff. Hey dude! So, like learn to speak proper English okay?

Yghsj, gshhj jajsi syyh zannj!

Translation: Sleep texting is for idiots.

Doesn't anybody have conversation in person or by phone anymore?

"...I'm like...he's like..."
I think sleep texting isn't her biggest problem.

I saw Jerry Seinfeld on the David Letterman Show the other night and he was talking about cellphones. He mentioned how in the 'old' days when the land line phone would ring at home someone always would yell, "I'll get it." You don't hear that anymore. Sometimes I really miss those days. I was at Walmart last year after an ice storm that knocked a lot of peoples electricity off. There were two young boys telling a very confused customer service guy in electronics that they wanted one of those old fashioned phones you had to plug in. I finally told the guy they wanted a phone that wasn't cordless. When he walked by me to show them the "plug in" phones I heard him mutter, idiots. I guess their cellphones had run down and cordless phones don't work without electricity. They were very anxious looking. I could see someone texting in their sleep.

At least they're not driving and texting in their asleep.

What talking? Doesn't anyone sleep anymore. Texting, talking, sexting, having sex, drinking, eating, all while sleeping. We might actually get more work done while dozing than awake.

Wonder what this kids grades are like?

Someone hit the flush lever; we're going down the drain.

That's a crazy obsessive behavior to have. These kids today live on energy drinks to stay awake. They are ruining their health. A real conversation is better any time.

I read just about all of them and got so much from them. If you ask me, you are accomplishing an excellent work..Good one..

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