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November 11, 2011


My lunatic friend Alan Zweibel and I recently finished writing a novel called LUNATICS, which is scheduled to be published by Putnam in January. Yesterday we got some good news about it.


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Congrats! Based on the description, Steve Carrell sounds perfect for the part, too.

why won't this post?

Of course...that one posts.

Anyway, it sounds like a bargain to me. And I agree, Carell could do it in his sleep.

A. Will read the book when it comes out.
2. Steve Carrell does absolutely nothing for me. Straight man looking for a joke to upholster.

Congratulations Dave!

Great news, Dave. Something worth looking forward to at last.

Dave wrote a book?

Dave's making a MOVIE? I thought you had to write a book for that.

Promise you'll liveblog the Oscar ceremony from your seat in the Kodak Theater.

Since Massachusetts once stopped kids soccer games from keeping score because of parent behavior, this is a great plot driver.

Can't wait.

They are making a movie out of a book that hasn't been released yet? WOW, that is impressive.

*sigh* Now I have to read another book.

Congratulations Dave & Zweibel for another masterpiece! Your jokes can really brighten up my day!

Carrell is attached to star? Who's the star that he's attached to?


Good, but are you going to get any really big stars like Snooki in it?

wow, dave barry has truly arrived!

(that's what she said)

If Dave holds out for Snooki as the love interest I'd watch. Gag gag uurrp.

Tom Cruise will play Dave. Right?

Congratulations, Dave. I am sure it will be soccer fan tastik.

Way to go, Dave! Book tour or movie tour?

Is this the one about the nuclear chickens and the journalist? Because I have been waiting for that for YEARS.

Maybe Dave will win another Publisher's Prize for this book.

Mazal tov! Great news. I've loved Zweibel since SNL days so really look forward to this.

Congrats also from me, Dave!

By the way, I was just saying that we need to see more
Dave Barry in the movies! And notwithstanding your writing skills, which are incredible, but real cameo's
or even staring roles, ie the real you!!!

Can we start a petition? Would you do a guest spot if
Hollywood asked (and offered some green)???

Blog fans await!!!

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