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November 08, 2011


A Papua New Guinea reporter who agreed to be circumcised with bamboo sticks to secure an interview with a group of jungle rebels has won a journalism award for “best scoop”.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Wonder how he found out about the story? Did someone tip him off?

Dang! Second in and the best quip already taken.

I hope that award comes with a hefty cash prize! OUCH!

Painful, yes, but when he goes back in a few years for the bar mitzvah... such presents!

*snork* at Lairbo

Pen!s Gourds WBAGNF something very painful.

Pfftt. I heard that Gene Weingarten did the same thing to secure his second Pulitzer Prize.

He got the Pullitsir Prize. Go Free West young man.

Simon Eroro: 'I Sore Moron'

No "Penis Mightier Than The" jokes?

LM, did you say " Pull it, Sir " ?

Problem is he fell out of contention for best journalistic probe.

Was it abuse or a bris?

Reporter on way to interview: "Hmm.. notebook, pen, tape recorder, camera, foreskin."

Whoa, too much passion for journalism. Will do anything for a scoop. What do you guess he'd do next for another scoop?

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