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November 18, 2011


To pay off student loans, a young man came west to cultivate some of Oregon's high-pedigree pot

(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias)


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NTTAWWT, dude.

He should have gone to some type of A&M-type University.

For those of us with siblings in the greater Portland area, I think we need to send them more munchies this holiday season.

Lets not jump to conclusions, canabis is good for making ropes.......

Big sofa!
"it seized 69 mature plants and a loaded 9mm pistol in his sofa, records show."

Hydroponic sofa.

That degree in Post-Modern African French Womyn's Hip-Hop Studies just wasn't making it, huh?

I'm good, munchie wise, but thanks for thinking of me.

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