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November 10, 2011


'Slumdog Millionaire's' Anil Kapoor to Play Indian Jack Bauer

(Thanks to The Amazing Steve and Phil Zeman)


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I'm in, providing that Dave and the Amazing Steve liveblog every episode and that each one ends (episode, not Dave/Steve liveblog) with an elaborately choreographed Bollywood-style song and dance number that includes all of the characters who've been already been killed off.

Bet he will set up a call center for all of his deeds with people named "Michelle" and "John" taking calls.

"Renee" was a guest star on HAWAII FIVE-O a couple of weeks ago, so she's probably available, but the key questions are:

Who is going to be their Chloe?
Will President Allstate be in it?
What about Edgar?

Lairbo - Ha! We're on the same wavelength. When i sent that in, I told Dave, "I look forward to the new Jack Bauer doing a Bollywood-style dance with the bad guys before he stabs them in the thigh."

I'm guessing that the new Jack Bauer will also be questioning them on live TV, and will allow them to ask the audience, or Phone-A-Thug.

St24G: You should really see if they're hiring writers. Mumbai is lovely this time of year.

Immediate Question: When Anil sets up a "perimeter", what the h3ll do we drink ? It really should be Indian.

Great comments and snorks at all blogster comments!!!

The resemblence is UNCANNY!!!

But I was hoping that Indian actor Rajinikanth would get the part, because of his role in one of the best sci-fi movies EVER, Enthiran, also called "Robot" in English.

There was an English dubbed version on YouTube, but I am not sure if it still exists. The three hour plus movie is/was great and had Hollywood help on some of the special effects. All in all a great triumph for Bollywood!!!

If you dig sci-fi please check it out!!!!

what the h3ll do we drink ?
Bombay Gin.

The villain will have 6 arms and I look forward to the elephant chases.

We should really support Dave and drink Scotch with a pineapple wedge.

wait - "anil"?


why not something more original like '711'?

Gin and Tonic (Bombay) and Enthiran this weekend. Looking pretty good.

Or 24 - Computer Technical support Unit. Worst strategic move of all - The Microsoft Perimeter.

slurpee shots?

I like Bollywood films. I do believe the Indian version of 24 will run as well as the American Version.

A cast photo has been leaked...

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