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November 17, 2011


Brave Grandma Arrests Robber With His Penis

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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"Sensing danger"?

Obviously a thug of exquisite insight and discernment.

"pounced on Daniel Ikechukwu, held him and squeezed his balls hard."

I catch uk wu? Dan must hurt to the core when being paged a table is available.

If he tried to kidnap one of my kids not only would I squeeze the family jewels, I would put my spike heel through them. A couple of times.

The one that escape is "Lucky".


Squeaky and Lucky.

You have to pay for that kind of action in NYC.

Does the headline not know the difference between the weanie and the beanies?

manual tomato was hittin' the sauce a bit early. nttawt..

you go, mamma!

Touch my family and you won't have a package to squeeze.

It's a different generation. One of my sage, octogenarian great-aunts advised me that if ever in a fight with another woman, I should grab hold of one of her, umm, "frontal protuberances" and twist as hard as I can.

Lucky got away, and Ball Boy will probably win Granny's house in the suit for unlawful detention and cruel and unusual punishment.

These are the only two Nigerians that don't know it is much easier to rob people via the internet.

If this happened to more robbers and kidnappers, most of them would probably take up another line of work.

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