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October 19, 2011


Hope you can cover the new news coverage on AKOO Clothing Brand held a Star Studded Power & Beauty Private Book Event for T.I. in New York.

The event was presented by Ciroc at the ultra-chic Philippe Restaurant in Manhattan on October 17, 2011. Celebrities guests included Super producer Swizz Beatz, Young hip hop star J. Cole, BMX superstar Nigel Sylvester, Los Angeles Lakers Derek Fisher, New York Giants Deon Grant, rap icon Jadakiss and many others.


Julia Nieradka

Tamara York Public Relations

Question: "Super producer Swizz Beatz?"


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Rap has icons?

Who'd a thunk it?

I've never heard of any of those people. Dave, if they're going to ask you to cover these events the least they could do is to invite you to the parties! Wear bling.

I'm just curious. Do the RBR's rap?

Me either, cindy, with one exception: I have heard of Swizz whatever his name is because once heard you cannot forget it - simply put, the stupidest name in the world.

Apparently Swizz (rn: Kasseem Dean) is married to Alicia Keys, and they should be in jail for naming their son Egypt Daoud Ibarr Dean.

Swizz also has three other kids from three other women, one of whom he was even married to.

(thank you Wikipedia)

Also, a little research shows T.I. (rn: Clifford Harris, Jr.) is also a rapper.

*saves nursecindy a seat on the geezer bus*

And stay off our lawns!

Yet another public relations professional who could use a few writing lessons, too.

These are such super celebrities that I've never heard of any of them.

(*Considering what passes for popular celebrity these days, proudly gets on the geezer bus with Jeff and nursecindy*)

Celebrities in their own minds. Miss PR Airhead might tale a hint to stop tapping out her releases on her iPhone while in traffic.

I would point out:
They're getting you to publish it in public. So they're actually getting their job done. I mean, if you trashed the note and never said anything they'd lose.
I'm just sayin'...

*yelling back from the geezer bus* Don't go, Dave. But if you do, make sure you wear the accursed high heels.

OK Ed..apparently you broke the blog again...

ok, save me a seat on the bus too. not only do i NOT know who these people are, or what they do......i dont give a hoot.
thanks for saving me a seat!

"Swizz Beatz" is an anagram for...um... uh, I'll get back to you.

I recognizes two names on the list. They were the football and basketball players.

Deon Grant even has a bit of a following because he was one of two Giants (Jaquinian (?sp) Williams was the other) who mysteriously and simultaneously fell down with injuries when no one was near them and the Giants needed a time-out last month. It really is an amusing scene linkee thingie.

I'm sure the Miami Herald is going to be all over this one

It's Jacquian Williams, max.

Hey, they had a boo boo.

what language was that?

If you must say this: at the ultra-chic Philippe Restaurant in Manhattan then how "ultra-chic" can it really be?

Fake injuries: nobody does it better than a soccer player.

Thanks Jeff, some pro athletes have names it is hard for me to deal with not easy names like BenJarvus Green-continued-on-next-jersey.

Olo, Chedjeu was at least within 10 feet of the person who "elbowed" him (or is that 3 meters in soccer?). Plus Chedjeu was "injured" alone, he didn't fall to the ground with a partner like some synchronized swimming event. To think some people claim pro-wrestling is faked, they've obviously never watched pro-football (either type).

as for Swizs Beatz, I imagine from his biography he is considered a "super producer" of children.

Dang! I thought Swizz Beatz was Dwight Shrute. Wouldn't mind seeing him rap.

There's a future for that PR professional assisting Nigerian royalty with their correspondence.

Cover the coverage?

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