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October 25, 2011


New documents show a focus group mistook a strand of DNA on the $100 bill for a sex toy.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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As long as "the client" doesn't leave any DNA on the $100 bill, everything will be fine..

Can you see through your "toilet paper" Canadian money?

The Canadian Postal Service was reportely quick to jump on the bandwagon, selling similar "sex beads" for that same $100CN bill. They motto is "You CAN, Canada, buy happiness!!"


....oh, cLock face

That ugly brown caterpillar crawling across the guy's upper lip is a nice touch.

I don't see it.

Is that the bill that is supposed to have the outline of a woman's body?
Ought to call her Lumpy.

Welcome to the future, our dear American cousins. Years ago we went for the coloured bills for anti-counterfeiting reasons. Now we're going for the plastic bills, for that reason again as well as the longevity of the plastic bills. We learned from Australia's example with respect to the plastic bills. You guys will be there as well within 3-5 years.

It's inevitable.

And maybe one of these days you'll replace the archaic paper dollar bill with a coin...

Hey, could somebody mail me some of those hundred dollar bills so I can look at them up close, oh, and a couple of the C$50s, too? I really need to get a good close look at the bills to be able to see the naughty images.

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