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October 25, 2011


A highway in the US state of Utah was temporarily closed after a lorry carrying at least 20 million bees overturned, freeing the insects.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan and The Perts)


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That's the problem. Lorries are driven on the left side of the road, except in Florida where they are driven on both sides and on the sidewalks.

Welcome to the Beehive State.

Good thing none of them are allergic to be stings.

I'll bet that kept the cops buzzy. (duck and run )

It was probably a highway patrol sting.

Being deathly allergic to bees, I used my Epipen before opening the article.

I don't see how Laurie could possibly carry that many bees.

what nmua said. lorries just don't belong in utah. probably a 'fringe' event. call walter and olivia.

snork @ e.g.o.mudstuffin in k.!

The things you learn on this blog!

I did a search for famous Lauries and found:
Hugh Laurie
Laurie Records
Ann Laurie's Pound Cake
Dr. Lauries' Earth Science Blog
and Lauries Famous B.J.

I don't see why any of them would be transporting bees. Especially the last on, as she seemed very
uhh busy and preoccupied.

(Gets on the geezer busy slowly..)

P.S. I think the Brits should learn to speak American. It would help us "damn yanks" a whole lot.

Yes I do know what a Lorry is. She was the daughter of
Shirley on the Partridge Family.

This wouldn't happen if they let a Cindy or Siouxie carry things like this.

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