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October 27, 2011



(Thanks to oldfatguy)

No, we don't know what "aslyum" is. But we think he should receive it.


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Just what America needs, a giant yellow pedophile

I believe that "Aslyum" is Dutch for Montpelier.

We're a country of immigrants...I say grant him citizenship. If not that how about an indentured toy ?

How do we know he's not a criminal? This could be the beginning of the Copenhagen boatlift. Pretty soon we'll have little Scandahoovian detention camps everywhere for brick people.

Florida is a strange and unusual place.

Alien invasion movies always start out this way.

Send him to Wahsington.
It's as close to an aslyum as we have.

Snork @ Steve & also @ Jeff!

What happened to Lego Woman? Notice Ego Leonard is
remarkably closed lipped about that.

He could be a stand-in, however, for Jeremey Irwin,
reportedly the father of allegedly kidnapped Lisa Irwin. There is a family and behavior similarity.

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