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October 27, 2011


Construction worker saws parking meter in half after receiving ticket

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and The Perts)


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Pranked again.

i saw chain saw, circular saw and 'metal saw' in the accounts there. it's a partner saw people.

This is why all real New Yorkers carry power saws in their cars at all times: You never know when you'll need one.

Nobody likes a spoilsport, Ralph.

New York got rid of its meters. They use a digital pay system now. So.

Not true, Elon. They are slowly replacing the meters but we still have them in many neighborhood, especially in the outer boroughs which are, all reports to the contrary, still part of New York City.

Several jurisdictions around DC are replacing meters with 1 kiosk on a block. All that means is that one heroic, civic minded, malicious attack and it's free parking for 30 cars.

Today the parking meters. Tomorrow the the traffic cams. Freeeedooom.

"But a construction worker cranked his frustration up a notch by sawing a parking meter in two."

Now, that makes no sense. Surely you meant to say "... relieved his frustration by ..."???

In the film Cool Hand Luke, cutting parking meters off of the meter poles is what got Paul Newman's character Lucas (Luke) Jackson in trouble with the law. Luke is sentenced to work on a Florida chain gang. It is there that Strother Martin's character the Captain, boss of the prison work camp, addresses Luke after Luke's first failed escape attempt by saying famously "what we've got here is failure to communicate."

What's that, Marc? I read your post but don't get your meaning.

Steve, my post regarding Cool Hand Luke was just meant that this recent incident in NYC is an example of life imitating art, certainly not an original act of defiance directed at a government authority. The Captain would no doubt have punished the guy with the power saw with 10 days "in the box." If this makes people recall the film or perhaps want to view it then all the better.

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