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October 26, 2011


A MAN caught having sex with a donkey stunned a court on Monday by claiming that the animal was in fact a hooker he pulled from a nightclub.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Red five, standing by.

Yeah, don't you hate when that happens?

Of course his last words to his friends were probably the equivalent of "hold my beer and watch this!"

um, there was no mention of the donkey's gender. nttawwt but wouldn't that lend an even more bizarre tint to the guys story?

I do not know what this guy was drinking but I am sure I do not want to drink any of it.

good gravy. LOOOOOOOZER.

I've heard of being desperate for a piece of of of

Never mind, I'm not going there.

I believe that's legal here in Florida, no? We're such a progressive state! Makes me want to move to Zimbabwe ... wait, maybe not.

First of all, WAY TO GO fivver for taking the high road. Secondly, it's good to see Jeff Meyerson back from vacation. As for this guy, is he trying to say he picked a donkey out of a room full of hookers? Somebody needs to see an eye doctor. And a Psychiatrist.

All he knows is she claimed to be a sweet ass.

Sad world. People are nutty.

Matthew Broderick is his role model.

I don't know but that donkey does have lovely eyes.

“I had hired a prostitute and paid US$20 for the service at Down Town night club and I don’t know how she then became a donkey.”

Must have been really close to closing time.

He was told to go somewhere else to make an ass of himself, and he did.

He was heard to say that he didn't like it so much, and received the retort, "No wonder. You picked the ugliest one!"

He was so drunk...
***How drunk was he?
He said he wanted a hooker he could ride all night and got a hoofer he could ride all night instead.

Eyore? Say it isn't so?

A new army captain was assigned to a remote post and noticed a donkey hitched to a tent.

He asked the sergeant why the donkey was there. "Well, sir, sometimes the men have urges." About a month later, the captain started having a real problem with his own urges, so he asked the sergeant to bring him the donkey, and had wild, insane sex with it. When he was done, he asked the sergeant, "Is that how the men do it?"

"Uh, no sir," the sergeant replied. "They usually just ride the donkey into town where the girls are."

Maybe he thought he was Kinky Kelly from Clerks II

The first thing I thought of when I saw this story was Don Quixote and the windmills. I'm getting too cultured.

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