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October 24, 2011


In its latest declaration, the academy has published the average measurements of a man's tackle in an effort to discourage men from going through potentially dangerous penis enlargement procedures.

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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And then they surrendered?

How closely connected is this to their smelly socks?

How many blog guys whipped out the measuring tape after reading this article?

*This space available for posts about 'tackle boxes'*

Tickle my tackle?

Need better headlines. I read the headline and was taking a count of an measuring my fishing lures before I read the article. Boy was I disappointed. (now that I think about it that is what my first wife said on our honeymoon).

I look a whole lot better in centimetres.

Can I be the first guy to suggest, in all seriousness, that the numbers they report appear to be biased in the direction of reassurance for guys? Also, the girth:length ratio is suspiciously small.

hm, an expert. can i be the first guy to ask how you obtained this expertise?

Obviously, not NFL tackles, whose girth can be measured in yards (not with yards).

Zut alors!

Huh. I've always assumed I was pretty average. Judging by this, though, I should move to California and become a porn star.

Was the data plotted on the ball curve?
BELL. I meant "bell".

NC - yardstick not measuring tape.

As the French government (as well as most of western civilization) goes bankrupt they will be able to utter the Lake Wobegone phrase: France: Where the men are above average.

Carl, why don't I just send you my number instead? :D

reminds me of the old joke of the man who went around bragging he was three inches. When asked how he measured he said, "Like everyone else I guess, from the ground up."

Diva, that depends. This isn't your profile picture, is it?

cindy, whipped out what?

ahem. diva...

"Demand for penis-enlargement operations has been on the rise..."


Well, I've got absolutely HUGE tackle. But I don't get what that article had to do with fishing.

Whipped out a measuring tape or yardstick Layzeeboy. btw Carl-Bear. Come here often?

NC, No, I don't come here. Dave doesn't get me that ex Yes, I'm a regular reader. [evil grin]

(If this goes much farther, the blog's PG13 rating may be in danger.)

The bait is more important than the size of the tackle as long as it's swallowed.

I've got news for you, frenchy. When you have to measure in centimeters you probably have a good reason to have self esteem issues.

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