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October 24, 2011


Soon. Very soon.


(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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Lindsay Lohan's dog?

i was there -
it was awesome :)

hey i think that dog might know bill brasky.

That costume looks so cute but I really feel sorry for the dog. The thimble hat is awesome.

Sandy, do you want to get us all killed?

I think they're cute! And no, I am not trying to get us killed either.

My loving golden retriever would rip my throat out if I tried putting costumes on him...another reason I love him.

My daughter, however, just sent me a photo of the bumblebee costume she put on her boston terrier. Terrifying. No pix of any costume she may have attempted for her other dog, a 190 lb Great Pyrannes Mountain dog...I assume she didn't have enough material...

Next candidate to enter the race...?

The next end is near (and the terrier is sniffing it).

This is exactly why the little yappy dogs are the ones most likely to bite you. The cigarette is a nice touch, though.

In the New World Order, the dogs will make us dress as Alpo and hydrants. The cats will continue to dress in fur, stretch with elaborate disinterest, and do whatever they damn well please.

For some reason this little dog reminds me of this fellow. Of course one of them is not wearing a tie.

They're so cute. But some dogs don't seem to enjoy their costumes.

I tried to put little pumpkin outfits on my Yorkies. They attacked each other.

When Stewie gets to his "dobbit" (small dog with very hairy feet) phase, we get Joe and him groomed.
They always come home with these little kerchiefs tied around their necks.
I can feel my man card disappearing just holding their leashes. But they don't seem to mind much.
Actually, Joe doesn't have much to mind. He lost most of his IQ to Stewie in an elaborate embezzling scheme.

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