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October 25, 2011


Just a reminder that the world-famous Herald Hunt will return on Sunday, Nov. 13, at the new Miami Marlins Stadium, starting at noon. The Hunt is a fun family event, and you could win one of three swell cruises on Norwegian Cruise Lines. You could also go insane, but we mean that in a good way.

The official Herald Hunt site has videos summarizing the previous four Herald Hunts. You can also find lots of information at Andy Wenzel's site, TropicHunt.com.

If you want to partcipate, get a copy of the Nov. 13 Miami Herald, read the instructions in the special Hunt section and be at the stadium by noon. We hope to see you there. Please do not hurt us.


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FIRST to say YAY!! I'm glad the insanity will be back this year and can't wait!

Anyone coming to this? The local chapter of the blog people will welcome you with boozeopen arms!

So is this copied from the Post Hunt that Weingarten does every year?

wiredog -- I assume you mean that as a joke.

*SMACKS* dawg!!

Just in case, Dave.

I want to come to the Hunt but I can't this year. Siouxie I will be there next year with a box o'wine in each hand. We'll have a huge party that will only end when we're arrested a great time. Is there any way we can do some fun, non-illegal betting on who we think will win? Also Dave? I'll bring you a case of beer next year. Not as a bribe but just because I think you work way too hard. However if you should decide later that I did win, even though technically I didn't get any of the clues right, I won't tell.

I have no doubt that this event would be fun.

You going to have a drum circle?

I say we have an "Occupy Herald Hunt" event on the 13th. Tell all your fellow losers that we must get together and put an end to me not winning! STOP THE INJUSTICE! I AM THE 99%!

*SMACKS Andy 99 times*

Andy, you have my full support. This year the Herald Hunt is yours! I was pulling for you to win the Washington Post Hunt this year also.

I now have China's support, apparently. With that, I can't lose.

Oh, wait, I don't compete. I guess I still lose after all...

I still think you should win Andy.

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