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October 26, 2011


It has spread to Canada.

(Thanks to The Perts and W. von Papineau)


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Toronto Python's Toilet Circus.

Their epidemic can stay there.

I don't understand the distress. I've had plumbers using snakes in my toilet lots. Especially when the kids were toddlers. Oh wait..........

I assume the Ball Python was chasing mice, which have diseases that are a lot more dangerous than the cute snake. Why don't we ever get mice in the toilet stories? There must be a conspiracy theory about this.

Maybe the snakes are eating the mice Ralph.

It took the wrong exit off I-10 at Pensacola.

I recently took up the glue traps in our basement because I found an 8-inch baby black racer caught on one.
It wasn't a python but next year may bring bigger things.

Are these any relation to mudstuffin's buttsnakes??

Watch out for the one-eyed snakes.

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