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October 26, 2011


He is alleged to have bared his bum and wedged an Australian flag between his buttocks while running for 50 yards beside the motorcade.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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She should've pointed, laughed, and said something about how small the dangly bits were. I've heard from reputable sources that doing that tends to cut down on repeat offenses. Not that I've ever mooned anyone, so I wouldn't know. Not me, no sir. Probably no one else on this blog ever has, either.

I certainly haven't, wiredog, at least not to the best of my recollection.

On being released on bail, Warriner said that he had been dared to moon the Queen by his colleagues.

If it was a Triple Dog Dare, what other choice did he have?

No mention of whether alcohol was involved, but since it was Australia, can we read it as a given?

I'm sure the Queen was not amused. Also shoddy journalism. No pictures of the bum. Or his rear-end.

A key to appearing before the magistrates will be his ability to keep from mooning them, too.

I might or might not have been involved in an incident involving presidential helicopters practicing approaches to the alternate landing zone while my son was pitching.

"Alternate landing zone" and "my son pitching" sound really wrong in this context. Just sayin'.

wedged an Australian flag in his buttocks

Naked patriotism is always so stirring.

Isn't the flag the last refuge of scoundrels ?

Is it just me or has there been a stampede of idiots whose friends dare them to do something, so they do it, apparently not even hazarding a second thought?

Can we bet on them? I could sure use some easy cash...
just saying....

What a major faux pas, I'd be so embarrassed someone I knew did that. For the queen you wedge the Union Jack between your buttocks. The Australian flag is to be used in mooning Australian politicians of Cabinet Secretary level and above or for tourists from Germany/the US/Brazil.

notmy: i woulda joined you.

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