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October 27, 2011



(Thanks to funny man)


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I, for one, welcome our alien overlords.

November 27th? *checks appointment book* Nope, can't make it. They'll have to attack without me!

In this story, Dr. John Malley is the the lead extraterrestrial expert at SETI.

In this related, absolutely true story, Dr. Malley is the representative from the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials.


If all that doesn't make him an expert, what would?

If you Google "john malley" "weekly world news" you get thousands of hits. He is their go-to guy for hot alien news.

I hear the aliens are tweeting on #OccupyYourWholeStinkingPlanet

"Puny humans!"

Any chance the aliens could bump it by a few days so I don't have to make two airport runs on the Sunday after Thanksgiving?

What NMUA said goes for me too.

Hey, wait a minute. Didn't that old geek say the world was really going to end last Friday?

What happened?

Harold Camping is a scientist too?

OH NO, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES, WE ARE DOOMED, DOOMED I SAY DOOMED. We know if it is in the Weekly World News it HAS to be true.

Well, November is just around the corner.

Why fight them? Just slap a giant spaceship surcharge tax on them, plus we can have the EPA regulate the bajeepers out of their spaceship and they'll be gone in a month.

The t-shirt alarmed me: "ALIENS ABDUCT CHEERLEADERS!"

it's a cookbook!..

I agree with Wingnut. Although I'm not sure it would take an entire month.

I really thought this was true until I read the part about the ship being 200 miles wide. No way that thing could hold enough gasoline for a space flight. It would take about six million gallons just to start the motor.

Solar power, oldfatguy.

They'll never get into Alabama.

Anyone else see the possibility to reduce the unemployment rate here?

Steve, why would they want to? NTTAWWT....

Alien Invasion on November? Skyline anyone?

You can tell that they are headed for Florida, because their turn signal has been on since the Oort cloud.

So that's how the Lions got to 5 and 2.

The Planet Zeeba? Oh, come now. Even my 'spellcheck' doesn't accept that. Wait...it doesn't accept 'spellcheck' either. I'm so confused....

That wacky Weekly World News. You click on the
update and the update is OLDER than the posting!!!

Unless, of course, they used the secret time machine, assisted by BAT-BOY and Barack O.???

Hey if it's in print, you can take it to the bank...

But wait, ....you could do that with counterfeit money
also, but the bank may have you arrested, and you may not become any wealthier...


Zeeba sounds like a made up name to me... like " Montpelier " .

Actually, Jeff...


Clankie, Zeeba neighbor stars in the "Pearls before swine" comic strip.

As usual, the Weekly World News is way behind times on the science. The aliens invaded millions of years ago. They are now disguised as TSA officers.

I thought they were disguised as Government Officials.

Actually, they all look like Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul. If they come on the 25th they can get some really good deals at the mall.

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