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October 27, 2011



(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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for the too much money - too much time crowd. yeah. i want a silver tomato. NOT.

My mother taught me not to play with my food.

Who would eat a silver chicken? I agree with Dave. No.

Will it be possible to paint broccoli to look like french fries? Might get the kids eating veggies.

Who needs Greek heroes? Golden apples for everyone!

*finds new Christmas gift*

Hey, wait a minute. Not available in the US? Because of shipping restrictions!? They ship spray cans all around the world. What kind of restrictions would keep them from the US? HOMELAND SECURITY?

They'd have to come up with cans that weren't in German too...

Has April 1 rolled around again?
My, my, how time flies.
The most appealing aspects of any food are visual and olfactory. That's why, besides the food itself, people in the hospital are not hungry at meal time. Can't smell it.
Besides, whatever that bird was, it was in the oven a couple of hours too long.

Who would want to eat food looking like this. What's in the can can't be too good for you anyway.

Gold and Silver Meals don't look enticing to me.

Yeah, but show ...or market them to the Wall Street crowd, and they will "eat them up"...

Shipping restrictions? Hmm.

I didn't see anybody eating that stuff...it's an FDA problem if I was guessing.

It is completely harmless and tasteless
Tasteless, anyway.

Alfred Hitchcock used to have food dyed odd colors to freak out his dinner guests.

As a "design touch" it's a pretty stupid idea, although "Goldchickenfingers" has a nice ring to it.

Earl Scheib has escaped from the home again.

*snork* @ clankie... "I'll paint any meal for $39.95!"

I was thinking it would be some kind of color correction for food that had been burnt. Silly me.

Paint it black, you devil.

We have our own special finish in the U.S.

Or do it Mom's traditional, old fashion red velvet cake way with red dye #2.

For those cooks who make really UGLY food...

Oh, Ralph, you just reminded me of a "greasy spoon" that was open 24/7 near the UK campus in Lexington back in the 60s.
They had the best hash browns. Salty grease just dripped back onto the plate.
I probably have plaque in my arteries that will survive the ages and puzzle the scientist who finally digs me up. "Aha, finally we find a monument to that Era's god! The Flying Spaghetti Monster."
BTW, the universal American food color is "ketchup".

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