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October 01, 2011


Belgian Alfred David has such an obsession with penguins that his biggest wish is to be laid to rest in a penguin-adorned coffin near Antarctica, dressed in a penguin costume.


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Ah, the elusive bearded penguin.

But I thought penguin funerals

were supposed to look like this.

Holy Fiends, Robin, He's loose again!

Oh, he's a nut! Now I see why he's single.
Maybe he'll get lucky and be eaten by a leopard seal since that's a penguin's natural enemy.

Cat, I thought penguin funerals looked like this.

As if the world didn't have enough small, flightless insaniacs already.

ScottMGS, you're right. There's many ways to get to penguin heaven.

Wrong. Just wrong.

Maybe he could play in a new Batman show. Cute costume.

Anyone want to bet that he drives a beat-up van with curtains over the side windows?

The Empire Strikes Back Out

oooo oooo! i got it: What is 'Empire State of Mind'

oh, we weren't playing Guess the State?


what's that penguin doing on the telly......

(hello, happy new year all, i'm back from my family rosh hashana observation)

ok -

someone get the Empire Emperor new clothes

Happy Rosh Hashana queensbee and any others who are celebrating!

Let's see, ladies... Handsome ... Nappy dresser ... So he has two things going for him... Three, if he really IS single.

Happy New Year, queensbee.
Question for this group: what's the craziest obsession we have observed in people we know?

He would have made Burgess Meredith proud.

thanks to all for 5772 (that's the year)... as to obsessions, i will rule out my neurotic family. we're jewish, so it would be unfair.

Catholics aren't any better, queensbee. As for this guy he may want to dial down his sunscreen to SPF 1000.

Steve, I think the craziest obsession I've observed is where people put guns near inappropriate objects when they're drunk and then seem surprised when things go wrong. Like shooting off their little thingies, iykwim.

You know he uses Linux on his computer.

I think the penguin guy might have broken the blog. Dave? Judi? You ok?

oh, intercourse the penguin!

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