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October 30, 2011


Naked and drunk Moscow motorist crashes into 17 cars

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger and Ty Jones)


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"....preliminary tests showed the driver had an "abnormally high" level of alcohol in his system."

I find it frightening to imagine what level of alcohol would be considered "abnormally high" in Russia.

Just sayin'...

Reminds me of my niece in that parking lot in Florida. Only she doesn't drink; she's just naturally talented.
What do the Russians consider "normally high"?

The link and permalink did NOT work for me, so
here is one I found...

Florida is linked to Russia by a long bridge, right?

Moscow, Florida right?

I have a feeling he is now on a fast train to Siberia.

His blood alcohol level was rated by proof.

Naked, drunk and driving is no way to go through life, my son.

I posted a link to a picture of the guy (granted, I forgot the WARNING). What happened to it?

Oh well, once again.

WARNING - DO NOT OPEN AT WORK or if you haven't eaten yet.

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