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October 24, 2011


Ontario football fans dig through buffalo dung for Bills tickets

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Somebody help me out here...wasn't this part of the plot of a book by Terry So(u)thern? Shoot...what was it called?

"The Magic Christian", 1960. Nevermind. (Grove Press, of course)

that ought to heat it up for them...

They're would be no contest if no one would take the challenge. You have gloves and goggles, the only enemy is the smell and the other competitors, and if your lucky enough you will get best seats for free. I'm up for that.

I guess some people will do anything. Personally I wouldn't do this even if they promised to play in my backyard.

I am not a major sports fan because I saw so many "games of the century" that I truly feared dying of old age before my 20th.

*stands in the NIMBY corner with Cindy*

Also, I wouldn't bother because I just hate any team but the Bears.

I'm glad I'm not the ticket taker at that game. That is a stub I would not care to tear.

It's Kingston, guys, home of the nation's biggest homecoming drunk-fest. Bison poop smell would probably override a breathalyzer test...

When I met my wife, her family lived in Buffalo. She told me the town's nickname was "The Armpit of the East", which I didn't believe until I visited.
Remember, this was umsumthin-years ago.
However, that picture brought back sense-memories.

That's the only way they sell Vikings tickets.

At least nobody cheated and tried to get the prize before it came out of the buffalo.

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