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October 25, 2011


Woman steals 26 boxes of condoms, ovulation test

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker and Ralph)


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Maybe she is working with these guys!

I'm not a guy or anything but, after seeing her mugshot I'm not sure she needs to worry about using any of the products that she took, iykwim.

Yep, ikwum! Maybe she is being delusional optimistic.

I saw the Paradoxical Purloined Prophylactics open for the Butthole Surfers back in '95.

Whoa ! Better not show that one to the creature either, Dr. Frankenstein.

Magnums. At lest she's an optimist.

I don't understand. Higgins, can you make any sense of this?

Was she planning to **** the whole police force if they let her off?

Or was she really nuts to have a baby?

Maybe she'll confide in her prison buddy!

Condoms and an ovulation test?
She sounds conflicted.

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