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October 26, 2011


Authorities in Bainbridge say that a drunken woman, who was wearing nothing but fishnet stockings, a g-string and high heels, led them on a high speed chase along Route 422 prior to her arrest.

Imcredibly, etc.

(Thanks to Scott Tennant)


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"...she has been charged with one count each of OVI... fleeing and alluding...."

Was the topless appearance an optical allusion?

I think she has a ready-made insanity defense. She should show up to court in her...em...costume.

shameful. but the cops kept staring, din they?

I was about to say - what? no pictures? then realized that was for the best.

OVI? What's the matter? Are the initials DUI and DWI not good enough for them? I would also like to know what she had been doing prior to getting in the car. Or maybe not.

"...fleeing and alluding,"
What are you suggesting?

That's...that's a hard lookin' 28. & yes, Ohio is like undergraduate school to prepare lunatics for their advanced Florida degrees.

Totally tastless. Nobody, and I mean nobody wears fishnest stockings after Labor Day.

All right, dammit I'm going to the optometrist tomorrow to get that prescription filled.

Would she be considered a 'fast' woman?

Appears she was released quickly. I supspect she got several date requests from the police officers. And, I did not click on the video - they picture looked too awful.

Girl you got the debbil in you.

It is definitely Ohio Day on the blog today.


She was OBVIOUSLY in a hurry to get to the Laundromat...

Note her leg tattoo and sneakers! High class hooker?

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