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October 26, 2011


Nana Sabaliki, a fetish priest at Sandema in the Upper East Region is demanding four red dogs, four red dats, four red goats, and four red fowls from the producer of the movie titled, 'Diawuo', to pacify his gods.

(Thanks to funny man)


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even google doesn't know "what is a dat?" how are we mere mortals supposed to know?

Red five, standing by.

I thought it was just me, rickh.

I'll see their four red dats and raise them a dit.

dat's all fowwwwks....

Typo? Cats, maybe? If not, shoddy reporting.

Snork at Jeff!

I Googled Dat also with no results. I wonder if a million dollars would satify his gods?

Wouldn't it be funny if his turned out to be the One True Religion?
I'll be in the handbasket with the Dat.

I vote for "bats." More interesting. And I'll up the ante with four Red Velvet Cakes.

My thoughts on dat:

Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?

Digital Audio Tape?

My votes is for typo: it was supposed to be cats.

Unless he/she meant rabbits not reddats.

I yahooed "dat" and found out it could be there is a record label called "dat"/

They have fetish priests in Ghana too?

It was SUPPOSED to be "Four Red Hot Dates." Being a fetish priest is lonely work. What am I going to do with cats? Do I look like Noah?

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