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October 25, 2011


The man told police that he had been stuck in the swing since 9 p.m. Friday after he allegedly made a $100 bet with his friends. He proceeded to lube himself with laundry detergent to get into the swing, police said.

(Thanks to Don Faber, Larry Maxcy and cyberick)


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What an idiot. Wait a second, did they say a HUNDRED dollars? Are those guys still there?

What is his marital status? Was alcohol involved? Does he possess a valid Florida driver's license?

At least he won! If I were him I would find my 'friends', collect my winnings, and then beat the tar out of them for leaving me hanging. Or swinging.

Minx, that would be single, yes, and most likely.

Geez such good friends he has. I bet hell never get his winnings.

I think that nursecindy and I need to drive over to this guy's house and administer our famous, BIKINI WAX OF PUNISHMENT.

I just filled up the tank of the Waxmobile.

There's a job for him in Washington determining who should get stimulus checks.

Was the bet whether he could get in or get out? Shoddy journalism.

Ladies, he's a 21-year old "swinger"...

I'm sure he's still available...


Maybe his legs don't work the way mine do, but mine pretty much get more slender as they go down.
Unless he swelled up, couldn't he have just flipped upside down and sort of oozed to the ground?
Or is that idea too advanced for him?

*Smacks* self in head. Now you tell me Steve!


Hey look, it was probably a triple dog dare. What else was he supposed to do?

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