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October 26, 2011


Cops Hunt Man Who Firebombed Taco Bell Because His Chalupas Had Too Little Meat

(Thanks to Steve @ Secret Location and Oldfatguy)


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We he wearing a Tinky Winky suit that smelled like gasoline?

Caller-ID oughta help clear up the identity of that racist bugger. Call Jack Bauer!

A plastic incendiary device? Molotov would be rolling over in his grave.

If too little meat were a real offense, more women would be filing charges.

We'll reset the traps; maybe there'll be more meat tomorrow.

You can have my chalupa when you take it from my burnt dead hands.

He just now discovered that Taco Bell products are bereft of meat?!

Good thing this loser doesn't go to Subway, the original "no meat" fast food joint.

It amazes me how racism is still alive and well in the deep south. It's like the Civil War never really happened.

and *snork* at Steve

"slappey boulevard"?

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