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October 26, 2011



(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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Finally, I have something that is fashionable.

What do they call it when they wax your armpits? (and before you say ouch, think of the Brazilian wax - armpits seem like much less painful)

That is without a doubt the worst picture of Julia Roberts that I've ever seen. Bad Julia! Bad! Armpits only do it for me if they're attached to George Clooney. I think this guy started this trend a couple of years ago. I would also like to know which one you wiseguys did this to Dave?

There's not much that freaks me out like a good looking woman with hairy armpits. Let me take this opportunity to say I greatly appreciate all the effort you ladies put into keeping your pits and your legs smooth and hairless.

Can an onslaught of deodorant ads be far behind ?

I'm thinking of a new fashion magazine called Pits.

Not a Brad Pit(t) fan, nursecindy?

Sound's like he's the Epittome of armpits.

This makes Arrid Xtra Dry a sex toy.

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