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October 26, 2011


Man in Tinky Winky costume arrested for drunken driving

(Thanks to Stever)


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Did he have an astronaut's can strapped to his ankle for mid-flite tinky winkies?

Was he impaired by the alcohol or by the costume?

I think he's got a ready-made insanity defense established. He should go to court in the costume.

I think Tinky Winky was the one that Jerry Falwell objected to several years ago.

Did they catch him on gaydar?

Nobody told me it was Northeast Ohio Day here on davebarry.com! Really though, the weirdness in this area requires more than a 1 day observance.

It's 365 days a year of weirdness here in Northeastern Ohio- all the rain is making everyone loopy. (Note to you dog faced flatlanders- it's October 26th and in Cleveland we have already set the all-time record for rain in one year. And we still have over two months to go!) Even Tinky Winky is hitting the sauce hard.

Tinky Winky had too much to drinky winky.

An officer suspected the 27-year-old man — who was dressed like Tinky Winky, a character on the children’s TV show “Teletubbies” — had been drinking.

Gee, what gave the officer the first clue...the fact that the guy was 27 and dressed as Tonky Winky wasn't enough?

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