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October 25, 2011

ARE YOU TALKING TO buuurrrrpppp ME?

Teen violence linked to soda

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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I would associate anti-social behavior more to Red Bull than CocaCola. After all, things go better with Coke.

I think I need more proof to believe in this.

Soda is not thier problem. Immaturity is.

I'm guessing both issues link back to poor parenting.

More proof that CO2 is ruining the planet.

obviously we need the federal government to step in and fix this with a regulation or two. that always works.


Future me, or maybe that old guy always promoting the
motorized wheelchairs, who wants you to call "right
NOW!!". He lacks patience, but he sells them wheelchairs and the hair treatment and soon kidney pills...

My point is what about old folks on soda? If it were true wouldn't we see more elders abusing others?

Question: if this was a legitimate US study, why is a British journal telling us about this?

Here is another anomoly: If teenagers drink 14 cans of non diet sodas a day, they will likely die inside a month. But should the gummit protect everyone against their own stupidity? Just asking...and I have never ever met anyone of ANY age who could down more than 4 soda cans a day. It is hard on the kidneys and stomach, unless you buffer the stomach acids.

if it's not ur mom, it's gotta be ur pop

How much alcohol was mixed with the soda?

I'd be more worried about milk; it's a known gateway drug. Nearly every addict began with milk.

It is an interesting link considering that many schools are allowing multiple soda machines in school to bolster funds.

Wouldn't it be nice if the Air Force had to hold a back sale to afford its next jet and schools got all the money they needed to educate our kids?

Tip of the hat to the 60's.

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