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October 27, 2011


Snooki signs copies of her new book

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Who knew she could write?

A paw print?

She can't, Kibby, unless proven to the contrary. She's just the advance scout for the alien invasion.

As an aside may I add that I lost what teeny little respect I had left for Matt Lauer & the Today Show when I turned it on and saw him interviewing the Snookster.

Have you no shame, Mr. Lauer, at long last?

She looks like a character.

Theresa, I think she looks like a nut! However, Snooki has written a book and, from what I've heard, she can sing. Does this mean she now qualifies for a position with the Rock Bottom Remainders?

Here Snooki, put your X right inside the cover.

huh huh huhuh snooki has sex with men huh huh huhuhhuh snooki isn't very smart either huh huhuh

so, i guess she finished coloring it in.

Why does she always look like she's fighting a losing battle with gravity?

That IS "THE CLASSIC" Book signing Pose photo,
isn't it?

Dave, where's yours?

It's New Jersey: no one can read and write.

She claims to have gotten decent grades at Brookdale Community College, so she's at least as litterit as her teechurs. I assume there will be variable-depth lirerary analysis here.

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