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October 23, 2011


Be careful.

(Thanks to Yvonne Fortin and Mark Schlesinger)


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Broke D!*k Mounting

Serves them right.

Medical science limps on !

Look it has nothing to do with infidelity, it is just easier to talk a 19 year old cosmetologist into having sex on a roller coaster than a 35 year old housewife. If women in committed relationships were as open to having sex while skydiving/scuba diving/doing laundry as women trying to steal men in committed relationships are, then men would be having just as risky faithful and the rate of penile fractures would be the similar for faithful and unfaithful sex.

Wasn't there a countryu song called 'Your cheaten' part'?

what I would like to know is why they bothered to put the "graphic content ahead" warning in the middle of the page and not at the beginning...

Bent wood rocker.

with ya cindy.

Deja blog

Max, wait until that housewife is in her sixties. Then try to talk her into having sex while skydiving or on the roller coaster. ha

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